Professional Training Level 1 Course (PTL1)

Professional Training Level 1
PTL1 course content

1. Reviewing of the 64 Gates
2. Scanning of the 384 Lines of the Rave I-Ching
3. Developping on the 4 Views
4. Making use of the Rave I-Ching book
5. Exercising technical skills
6. Studying and practicing HD keywords
7. Learning the weaving of keywords into a poetry 
8. Acquiring oral competence

PTL1 includes lectures, workshops, study groups and homeworks. Students and teacher meet once a week for a 1 hour online group session; study groups are created and homeworks are being given. Throughout, oral practices will be highly encouraged in order to ground your skills, increase your chart-reading capacities and empower your memorizing process.

PTL1 requires 3 semesters with a total of 200-300 hours, depending on the intensity of your dedication and your working speed. Learning to synthesize the hundreds of details on any HD Chart takes time, regularity and seriousness in the skill-acquiring process. Only practice on-and-on-and-on allows to solidify the information in your body cells. With such dedication, you will surely enjoy by the end of the course navigating into the wonderful poetry of the Human Design!   

Seats are limited. Reserve yours as soon as humandesign4u broadcasts the beginning dates of its next session. Each year, a PTL1 course is being started end of September or beginning of October. 

Price: 800 € per semester – installment payment accepted – please contact our office at
Pre-Requisites: Foundation Reading, LYD Course, Rave’s ABC Course, Rave’s Cartography Course
Required Materials: Rave I’Ching Book – $49.95 (order here); Rave I’Ching Line Companion – $157 (order here); Circuitry Book – $39.95 (order here); MMI Professional Edition Software $450 (order here
Technical Material: Internet connection; headset

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What will you get from that course

At the end of the 3 semesters, you will be fluent in:
1. Reading any individual’s HD Chart
2. Weaving the keywords into a stunning poetry
3. Mastering the Rave I-Ching
4. Handling the technical computer online services  
5. Delivering oral analysis – online or live

Please note: prerequisites are set before you may charge for your newly acquired PTL1 skills:
1. Having completed the PTL program
2. Having successfully passed the final certification exam
3. Having 3.5 years of life in Human Design (it starts at your Overview or Foundation Reading)

Pricing: 2400 € (800 € per semester) Click here to register
Next PTL1 online Course at humandesign4u : February-July 2015
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