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Join the worldwide Human Design Community in visiting the official websites that are expounding the HDS around the world.

www.jovianarchive.com is the website of the late Ra Uru Hu, founder of the Human Design System. You will find on it the biggest amount of materials – videos, audios, pdfs, digital books, etc. During 23 years, Ra taught and lectured a lot of courses and conferences. Thousands oh recorded hours about the knowledge of the Science of your Uniqueness…

www.ihdschool.com is the International Human Design School that coordinates all Human Design national schools around the world. It also provides with standardized courses in General and Professional Education. humandesign4u is a former student at IHDS and received from it most of its certifications; this explains why humandesign4u is an Internationally Certified Analyst of the HDS. See our Credentials page for full report on our official skills.

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