HDS Softwares

Jovian Archive, website of the HDS founder Ra Uru Hu, provides key softwares for getting promptly HD Charts, whether it be your own or that of a dear one, a friend, a colleague… Once you know your Type, Profile and activated Potentials, it is easy to refer to the resources pages of humandesign4u to get to fathom the depths of your energetic field, your human vehicle serving the unique purpose you incarnated as a soul…


calculating your HD Chart

This software calculates very quickly your HD Chart, once you have provide it with your birth data: date, time (as precise as possible), place. Download it for free!


your HDChart on smartphone

Don’t wait to enjoy discovering or deepening the secrets of your aura. Connect to Jovian Archive’s software page and read instructions.


Rave Time
the Design on your screen

Be informed each time a planet enters a new Gate or Line within the BodyGraph while it moves through the zodiac signs. Feel its energetic effects on you! Rave Time goes along with MMI versions.

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