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Statistics are being compiled, for they provide valuable information relative to the true nature of Humanity. It is indeed worthwile to know which percentage there are of Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors in the world. As well, it is usefull to know how many Investigators, Heretics, Martyrs, etc. there are amongst us: 20%? 32%? How many humans share the same Purpose of life than you – your Incarnation Cross? In 100 years, the records of these statistics will help see the Great Plan Life unfolded birth after birth, day after day…


In the world

World statistics gathered from all over the world out of over 5 millions HD Charts computer-generated within the last 22 years.



Statistics having been collected at & since their creation – 2007 for the french version, 2014 for the english version.



Through these figures out of our database, discover the characteristics of the Type, Profile, Incarnation Cross you belong to.

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