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Nothing simpler than getting your HD Chart!… and it’s free! Click “Get your Design” below, fill up your birth information – date, exact time, place – and voila! Print the result; then check boxes: “Type”, “Strategy”, “Profile”, Inner Authority and “Incarnation Cross”.

Browse our pages; for sure, you will find written and/or video information about what you really are. Remember: all the white parts of your HD Chart show where you are vulnerable to outer influences, conditionings; that is where you could be thinking you must improve yourself, whereas indeed they represent your potentials of wisdom…

Of course, the data available here are surface information. We encourage you to contact any IHDS Certified Analyst near your home. humandesign4u provides very experienced IHDS Certified Analysts already having read thousands of HD Charts from people around the world. Book Readings from our online shop. We will email you with light-speed reaction to serve you the best you deserve!

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