The 6 pillars of the Human Design System

HDS 6 Pillars

The Human Design System is an intelligently structured system, grounding it as a human science. The Science of your Uniqueness. Any human being is a highly evolved and complex energetic field, layered in multiple strata. Therefore each of us needs getting its manual. This system provides THE tool for mapping your Self right from your genetic code!

This ability to detail a human being is profound, precise and enlightening for the individuals themselves. Yes, HDS is simple to understand; it speaks the keywords-language, allowing you mind to clearly see its own mechanisms, as it illuminates out of HDS descriptions.

These mechanisms are layered in 6 main parts : Type and Strategy, character Profile, Purpose of one’s life, Inner Authorities, Potentials, Self and Not Self. Whole together, they structure your energetic terrestrial vehicle. You are pure essence, soul incarnated into that limousine that is driven by a cute chauffeur! Will you let him drive for you, so that you are ever at the right place at the right time?… The first prerequisite to achieve that goal is to have your controlling mind understand this vehicle. Understanding is healing; your mind understands first, then it accepts and let loose to finally love the form it is in…

HDS 4 Types

the 4 Types and Strategies

A type is the nature of an individual’s energetic field, their aura. According to Human Design, there are 4 different Types of auras, each as different to the others as a plane can be to a car, a train, a boat. Their respective name reflects the essence of their influence into the world: Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector. The nature of your energetic system belongs to one of these; it determines the basic rule you are supposed to drive your human vehicle. Following the Strategy of your Type will always put you at the right place at the right moment! 

HDS 6 profiles

the 6 character Profiles

There are 6 basic human characters, combining into 12 Profiles; you have always 2 of them: one for your conscious aspect – the “personality” – one for your unconscious body intelligence – the “design”. They represent your stable psychological color and deeply influence the way you think, talk, behave. They are like your raised-up flags seen by many out there; some feel in resonance with your Profile, others in harmonic, while still others really dissonant to it. Profiles of people interact very much with each others and play a huge role in their relationships!  

Analyses Generales Croix Incarnation

the Purpose of your life

A your birth, Life provides you – as a soul – a vehicle to move yourself into this world. Did It do so without a purpose? no, of course not! It computed it with a very specific intention: that human limousine with its chauffeur has got a purpose, a path to follow, a mission to accomplish. Which one is yours? What have you come here for? Your Type, Profile and Potentials are tools for your vehicle to differenciate from others and play a unique role. There are 768 Incarnation Crosses – life purposes – and each one with so many variations to make of you a purely unique being!

HDS 5 Inner Authorities

the 5 Inner Authorities guiding your life from within you

How many times haven’t you pondering over the right decision for your life? Wouldn’t that be easier if we ever could know what is right or wrong? healthy or unhealthy? good or bad?… Well, you already have guides within you – an in-built inner authority! Some intelligence that always knows exactly what you need, when. Perhaps are you using one or the other? Are you instinctive? sacral? emotional? will-powered? self-guided? Find out now with your Human Design Chart!  

HDS 64 Potentials

the BodyGraph: 9 Centers, 64 Gates, 36 Channels

Any human aura is composed of 9 Centers or hubs of energy and 64 Gates or potentials connected to the Centers via 36 Channels or life-forces. They all structure into the “BodyGraph” you see as a graphic on every HD website. Each human being has their BodyGraph defined in unique ways. Whatever on it is colored red or black shows what you truly are; it is reliable, constant inner potentials; what shows white on your chart indicates what you are not and mirrors outer influences.   

HDS Self / Not Self

the Self and the NotSelf:
you and not you

Self and NotSelf are concepts relative to the proper use of your energetic vehicle’s Strategy. Each Type of aura has a natural law, a strategy to be followed; depending on your willingness to obey that rule, you allow yourself to live your true Self or you surrender to your NotSelf, that part full of fears, illusions and conditionings deep under your conscious mind. You are free to choose: go for that unique genius Life created for you; or be one of these formatted puppets society so much likes! 

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