how is your HD Chart calculated

HDS How to calculate

The computer-calculation of your HD Chart determines which out of the 64 Gates in the BodyGraph – the human matrix – are being activated. and are acting as imprinting agents. The calculations determine the positions of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the planets, and the Moon’s Nodes – 13 stellar bodies. The colored Gates on your HD Chart graph the positions of each planet; up to 26 Gates can possibly be activated.The 38 others will stay undefined and vulnerable to outer conditionings.    

Two different dates are used in a Human Design calculation. There is a birth or natal calculation and a pre-natal calculation: the former determines your Personality; the later, your Design – your cellular intelligence. The imprinting through planets is something the Human Design System has in common with astrology. The double imprinting is new information though. In HDS, there are no houses, no ascendant, no planetary aspects as in astrology.

The two calculations – Design and Personality – are being juxtaposed to build up the whole BodyGraph of your energetic human vehicle. Thus, the BodyGraph is the cartography of your aura. Remember, a map is never the territory! Its role is to help finding your way through; in other words, it provides you with the understanding of what you truly are and what you do not need to become. Such understanding leads your mind to release its grip on your life; once your mind accepts and lets loose, peace, freedom and the loving of yourself can surface.    

HDS How to calculate design

the Design calculation

The pre-natal calculation is your biogenetic inheritance; what your inherited from your mother and father as themes. However, most of what you have inherited is from your grandparents. The Design planetary imprint is done 90 days before your actual birth. It is unconscious information and reveals the basis upon which your unsconscious works.

HDS How to calculate personality

the Personality calculation

The planetary positions at your birth program your Personality. Natal activations are colored black. They together shape out what you are conscious of being, what you think you can control. Can you really control these 13 codons of your DNA, even if aware of their acting? For, these 13 colored-black Gates are activated codons of your DNA. 

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