The 4 Types and Strategies

HDS 4 Types

The Human Design System is an intelligently structured system, grounding it as a human science. The Science of your Uniqueness. Any human being is a highly evolved and complex energetic field, layered in multiple strata.

Type is the most important aspect in Huiman Design. If you know your Type, you can start the process of your differentiation, of your uniqueness. That is, finding your own nature and thus having the tool to accept yourself and recognize your values. Living your Type is the release of who you truly are. It is like a user’s manual that allows you to live who you were born to be.

You only need to know your Type and if you allow its rules, you can be healthy; life unfolds for you. All you need to do is to experiment with the pattern and the Strategy of your Type. Experimentation is something that relieves you from trusting in something. You test it for yourself and you find out whether it’s valid. provides you with a service on its website where you can get freely your personal Design, with Type and Strategy.  


the Manifestor: I impact

Aura: closed and repelling
Its impacting power on society is deep and strong. Wherever it moves in, it cannot but influence people around. At the same time, it is very sensitive to outer influences and often interprets them as unacceptable attempts to its private space; hence, its natural tendency to repell whoever tries to get in. They feel alone, thinking that they don’t need others and are not needed by them. 

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Gift and handicap: 
The Manifestors are the only true doers in society; they do what they say they will do. They are independant and are the ones that get things done, without interacting with people; therefore, they are uncontrollable. Moreover, they have a reputation of being unpredictable, and a threat to order and stability.
Manifestor child:
Parents of a Manifestor child should educate it to ask for permission before initiating and tell them before it launches into action. It has to learn that asking will not always lead to a “no”. When he turns adult, he will decide freely by himself. Parents should also respect their child’s sense of freedom, its need for a private space. When not, they feel being raised in chains and grow up being angry.   
In a football team, the Manifestor would certainly be the ideal forward players.
World statistics: 6-7% of the world population is of that Type
Strategy: Inform before initiating
Keyword: Freedom
Fear question: Will I be let free?
Self theme: Peace
NotSelf theme: Anger
Role in History: Kings, Queens, high Priest/Priestesses
Famous Manifestors:
Bruce Springsteen – Georges W. Bush – Johannes Kepler – Helmut Kohl – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross – Krishnamurti – Mao Zedong – Jack Nicholson – Gustav Eiffel – Hermann Hesse – Juliette Binoche 

HDS Generator

the Generator: I vibrate

Aura: open and envelopping  
Generators (and Manifesting-Generators, an under-type of the Generator) have their Sacral Center defined. Sacral human energy is that very same essence we find in nature, generating and nurturing life in the whole universe – what we know as the force of evolution. “Porous” would be a correct word to describe the texture of that aura type.

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Gift and handicap: 
Generators are empathic – the street hugging phenomena was surely initiated from Generators! The sensitive and opened nature of their energetic field welcomes all surrounding energies. Hence, the easiness to influence themT hey are the great builders of our societies. The Generator’s portal to their power is response. When they are waiting, they are like a magnet. 
Their handicap is their lack of patience; they do not like to wait for their sacral response. They jump into action because they don’t know of their genetic capacity to attract others and because they are so afraid no one will ask them. When Generators are not asked, they know nothing. Best helping way to a Generator is to put them precise questions so that their Sacral Authority is given a chance to respond. 
In a football team, the Generator would be best at their place as defender players.
World statistics68% of the world population is of that Type
Strategy: Wait for their sacral response – guts feelings
Keyword: Vibration
Fear question: Will I be asked?
Self theme: Satisfaction
NotSelf theme: Frustration
Role in History: Slaves and worshippers of Manifestors
Famous Generators:
Dalai Lama – Albert Einstein – C-Gustav Jung – Mozart – Madame Curie – Luciano Pavarotti – Dustin Hoffman – Greta Garbo – Elvis Presley – Madonna – Walt Disney – Deepak Chopra

HDS Projector

the Projector: I recognize

Aura: focused and absorbing
This energetic field probes deep into others, for it is so interested to understand them! While it is focusing on the other, it has no way to be aware of the absorbing mecanism of the other’s energies, causing the Projector to awake few years later with the question: “where is that I which I was before living with my partner?” This aura Type has a natural talent for recognizing.

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Gift and handicap: 
The Projectors are the natural guides, coaches, advisers and politicians of the futur times. They first have to fullfil a prerequisite: be correct in their Type’s Strategy! Their role is to manage Energy Types – Manifestors and Generators – reading who are good at getting things done and bringing them together.
A Projector not being recognized feels transparent, useless, worhtless, bitter. It is not an ego trip, as being recognized addresses to the deepest existential layer of their being. Hence, Projectors children should be taught not to look for recognition. Having their Sacral Center undefined they are always thirsty of that energy, sucking it out from Generators.
In a football team, the Projector would certainly be the ideal midfielder.
World statistics: 24% of the world population is of that Type
Strategy: Wait for the invitation
Keyword: Recognition
Fear question: Will I be recognized?
Self theme: Success
NotSelf theme: Bitterness
Role in History: Guides, administrator
Famous Projectors:
Barak Obama – Tony Blair – Nicolas Sarkosy – Pablo Picasso Nelson Mandela – J.F. Kennedy – Steven Spielberg – Barbara Streisand – Rajneesh – Mick Jagger – Josef Stalin – Karl Marx

HDS Reflector

the Reflector: I sample

Aura: resilient and sampling
It is like a mirror that reflects all energies around it. Whoever comes near that energetic field gets the impression to see themselves, to be amplified. That aura gives the others the sensation they are deeply understood by a friend that can help them becoming aware of who they truly are, what moods and thoughts are in their own mind. This aura is a witness of its time.

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Gift and handicap: 
The Reflectors are natural witnesses of their time. Their natural talent is grounded into the sampling capacity of their aura. Their role in society is to judge without involving themselves in the situation. Because they so easily reflect the other, they must pay clear attention to who/what is around. They need trustful friends to hear themselves talking to them, as a sounding board.
Reflectors easily identifying with the other get their life turning to hell. They are awakeners of conciousnessess! To realize that, they must stay objective; when not, they get to ask themselves the questions: “who am I really? can I be myself? The answer is: be correct in your Strategy, you will see there is a You to discover! 
In a football team, the Reflector would certainly be a reliable goalkeeper.
World statistics: 1% of the world population is of that Type
Strategy: Wait for 29.5 days
Keyword: Surprise
Fear question: Can I be myself?
Self theme: Surprise
NotSelf theme: Desillusion
Role in History: Judges, ultimate witness
Famous Reflectors:
Charles Leadbeater – Michael Jackson – Rosalyn Carter (wife of J. Carter) – Eduard Mörike (German poet) – Thorwald Detlefsen (German psychologist and author of esoteric literature)

The 4 aura Types

What do I do now that I have my HD Chart?

The first information you will need after getting your HD Chart from will be located under the following names:

1. Type
2. Profile
3. Inner Authority
4. Strategy
5. Incarnation Cross

Browse on tabs for some first details on your nature, character, inner guidance, natural law and purpose in life. Obviously booking a Reading will be of a great help to profoundly understand what you are, what you are not – and do not need to become! More also on your talents and potentials and how to use daily your behavioural strategy – the natural law of your aura. 

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