The 6 character Profiles

HDS 6 profiles

What would humans be without their character?… colorless, tasteless?… Indeed, characters bring in specific features out. In the Human Design System, they are one very important composite of an individual’s uniqueness. They are known as Profiles, as the 2 main parts of each being – the conscious Personality and the unconscious Design – are both combined, each endowed with a permanent psychological color.

According to Human Design, there are 6 main Profiles. Each could be seen as one floor of a house: Profile 1 being the ground floor and Profile 6, the roof. Evolution follows a constant path starting from the building of foundations, growing up to the mastery, to find out in the last stage the vision to mutate and develop into the next cycle beginning with step 1 again. Life unfolds itself within a pattern of endless spirals.

When looking at a HD Chart, Profile information is being given as 1/3, 2/4, etc. The first number tells about which Profile colors the conscious Personality; the second number, the unconscious Design. Look to your own chart, see which figures are mentioned; then, read below a short résumé of your personal Profile.

HDS Investigator

the Investigator: I study

With an Investigator character, you can’t but study! How to go to action without first being sure of knowing all about the matter? Foundations must be set. This mind of yours, shy and introverted so long as it feels intellectually unsecure when not knowing from A to Z, becomes authoritarian when having reached its point of sureness. Students and teachers are best equipped with such a character. In the house analogy, it represents the ground floor.

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Mind traits – Rave Psychology
Mind driving Color: Fear
Orientational Tone: Security
Binary: Communalist/Separatist
Perspective driving Color: Survival
Sense: Smell
Life Trajectory: Communalist <-> Separatist
Question: What?
Behaviour of the Self: Modesty 
Role of the Self: The Authoritarian 
Sexual role: Pursuer/Pursued
Sexual strategy: Retreat
Caring role: Selfishness
Keywords: Introspection – searcher – insecurity – receptivity – creation is independant of will – intuition – synthesis – pleasure – perseverance – retreat – authoritarian – honesty – sensibility – modesty – attunement – the monk – empathy – money isn’t everything – duty – delusion – openness – conservatism – interdependence – superficiality – warning – second-class ticket – proselytization – the sin of omission – selflessness – a bird in the hand – selfishness – preparation – the draftee – composure – manifestation – conservation – avoidance – the bully – humility – resistance – the mother/father – qualification – disengagement – recuperation – reasonableness – diversification – patience – conditions – canvassing – being discovered – taking stock – insignificance – the law of necessity – the immigrant – reference – think before you speak – accumulation – influence – co-operation – quality – confusion – love of life – the preemptive strike – acceptance – occult knowledge – routine – composure – conditions  

Body traits – Primary Health System
Food Regimen Color: Appetite
Food Regimen orientational Tone: Consecutive/Alternative
Nature: the Hunter
Environment Color: Caves
Environment orientational Tone: Selective/Blending

HDS Hermit

the Hermit: I wait for the call

As a Hermit character, you like what is natural – clothings, manners, make-up, etc. When others project on you to find solutions to their problems, you are surprised and embarrassed; for you ignore your own talents. Shy and introverted, you do not like to be disturb when absorbed in some interesting thing. Though, you need being called for you to get out of your hermitage, with hope as driving force! In the house analogy, it is the first floor.

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Mind traits – Rave Psychology
Mind driving Color: Hope
Orientational Tone: Uncertainty
Binary: Theist/anti-Theist
Perspective driving Color: Possibility
Sense: Taste
Life Trajectory: Theist <-> anti-Theist
Question: Why?
Behaviour of the Self: The Hermit
Role of the Self: The Democrat 
Sexual role: Shyness/Boldness
Sexual strategy: The Guerilla
Caring role: Self-sufficiency
Keywords: natural – detects bugs in matrixes – love is light – genius – immaturity – acceptance – inner peace – the guerilla – the democrat – service – misery loves company – the hermit – rigour – purification – bigotry – management – influence – the cynic – discrimination – terminal disease – service (x2) – the dogmatist – might is right – charm school – self-defense – recognition – the existentialist – the lessons of history – self-sufficiency – shaking hands with the devil – assessment – pragmatism – arrogance – restraint – surrender – momentum – creative block – support – responsibility – politeness – confrontation – resoluteness – caution – identification – dedication – management (x2) – consensus – the prima donna – ambition – degeneracy – the last resort – determination – withdrawal – concern – momentum (x2) – discretion – distrust – linkage – cleansing – perversion – shyness – decisiveness – natural brilliance – restraint (x2) – structuring – qualification      

Body traits – Primary Health System
Food Regimen Color: Taste
Food Regimen orientational Tone: Open/Closed
Nature: The Gatherer
Environment Color: Markets
Environment orientational Tone: Internal/External

HDS Martyr

the Martyr: I make trials and errors

Are you aware of your often complaining trait of character? no?… ask around! You have a deep attunement with the essence of life in matter; hence you’re anarchist rebelling to dysharmonious behaviours or organizings. Your knowing comes out of trials and errors, bonds made and broken. Your role is to test to make sure it works the way they say – or not! The keywords for you are: discovering, adaptation, fluidity. In the house analogy, it represents the staircase between ground floor and first floor.

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Mind traits – Rave Psychology
Mind driving Color: Desire
Orientational Tone: Action
Binary: Leader/Follower
Perspective driving Color: Power
Sense: Outer vision
Life Trajectory: Leader <-> Follower 
Question: How?
Behaviour of the Self: The Martyr
Role of the Self: The Anarchist 
Sexual role: Maker/Broker of bonds
Sexual strategy: Allegiance
Caring role: Greed
Keywords: challenger – experiencer – discoverer – the energy to sustain creative work – patience – survival – irresponsibility – compulsiveness – allegiance – the anarchist – the phoney – the straw that breaks the camel’s back – the martyr – the realist – confession – pessimism – service – ego inflation – independance – understanding – the zealot – dedication – self-awareness – powerlessness – the enchanter – individuality – the addict – sensibility – influence – greed – adventurism – evaluation – resignation – selectivity – lack of continuity – spirit – machismo – collaboration – transition – evenhandedness – alliance – responsibility – humility – efficiency – trial and error – expediency – interference – exclusion – projection – self-oppression – incommunicado – popular discontent – adaptability – adaptation – controls – practicality – covert interaction – innocence – alienation – acuteness – electricity – openness – conservatism – interdependence – discovery – continuance – overextension     

Body traits – Primary Health System
Food Regimen Color: Thirst
Food Regimen orientational Tone: Hot/Cold
Nature: The Transformer
Environment Color: Kitchen
Environment orientational Tone: Humid/Dry

HDS Oppurtunist

the Opportunist: I externalyze my convictions

Communication, networking, friendships… here are your opportunities! You have such a talent spotting the chances out there for you; the occasions to increase your influence through the spreading out of your strong convictions – that at times give you an aura of being somewhat rigid. Brotherhood is no empty word for you; it nourrishes your sense of socializing and your gentleness – that at times of wounds may turn to meanness! In the house analogy, this represents the ground of the second floor. 

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Mind traits – Rave Psychology
Mind driving Color: Need
Orientational Tone: Meditation
Binary: Master/Novice
Perspective driving Color: Need
Sense: Inner Vision
Life Trajectory: Master <-> Novice
Question: How – enlarged?
Behaviour of the Self: The Opportunist
Role of the Self: The Abdicator 
Sexual role: The Brother/Sister
Sexual strategy: Triumph
Caring role: Generosity
Keywords: communicant – networker – gentle/mean – friend first, lover after – transpersonal – socializing – aloneness as the medium of creativity – secretiveness – charisma – the liar – the hunter – triumph – the abdicator – respect – dedication – the opportunist – the teacher – the prophet – fatigue – security – the wallflower – the leader – the personnel manager – the incompetent – the team player – application – strategy – sensitivity – fragmentation -the hermit – survival – censorship – generosity – holding on – directness – burnout – intent – right is might – dignity – triumph(x2) – hunger – espionage – leadership by example – investigation – temperance – organization – correction – the middle man – the one-track mind – jonesty – direction – impact – repression – restructuring – platform – corruption – limitation – self-discipline – assuredness – enlightenment/endarkenment – assimilation – expediency – the director – focusing – brotherhood/sisterhood – resourcefulness – research – ascetiscism – memory – conviction   

Body traits – Primary Health System
Food Regimen Color: Touch
Food Regimen orientational Tone: Calm/Nervous
Nature: The Determiner
Environment Color: Mountains
Environment orientational Tone: Active/Passive

HDS Heretic

the Heretic: I universalize my solutions

Your character of an Heretic often sets you on the fringe of society, for you can’t believe in what doesn’t work. Being a pragmatist, you find concret solutions to others problems; hence, are you projected upon as the saviour, providing universal ways out. This talent can lead you to some paranoism, as you see wantings in the eyes of others looking at you! not surprising: a profound seduction poors out of your own eyes… “but, what do they want from me?” are you wondering. In the house analogy, it represents the second floor.   

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Mind traits – Rave Psychology
Mind driving Color: Guilt
Orientational Tone: Judgment
Binary: Conditioner/Conditioned
Perspective driving Color: Probability
Sense: Feeling
Life Trajectory: Conditioner <-> Conditioned
Question: Answer to why?
Behaviour of the Self: The Heretic
Role of the Self: The General 
Sexual role: Casanova/Femme fatale
Sexual strategy: Arbitration
Caring role: The executor
Keywords: the dictator – tyrant – saviour – the energy to attract society – intelligent application – victimization – seduction – joy – arbitration – the general – dharma – faith – the heretic – the philanthropist – the pragmatist – the saviour – arrogance – sensitivity – the grinch – no human is an island – therapy – sacrifice – realism – objectivity – directness – assimilation – confession – recuperation – adaptability – the executor – treachery – overreach – irony – self-righteousness – flexibility – timing – annihilation – altruism – the underground – love – alienation – single-mindedness – rigidity – authorization – self-actualization – progression – manipulation – leadership – pacing – the saint – action – organization – consistency – symmetry – explanation – assertion – magnanimity – growth – attracting attention – progression – defense – the femme fatale/casanova – leadership(x2) – influence – metamorphosis – affirmation – promise 

Body traits – Primary Health System
Food Regimen Color: Sound
Food Regimen orientational Tone: High/Low
Nature: Listener
Environment Color: Valleys
Environment orientational Tone: Narrow/Wide

HDS Role Model

the Role Model: I envision the new

You are a visionary. As your character is deeply connected to mutations, boundaries and limits are for you no dead-ends; they point to a possible reality beyond them. Genuinely optimistic, with idealistic breakthroughs, your conscious Personnality or unconscious Design evolve within 3 main periods during your existence: the 0 to 28-30 phase follows the Martyr path; the 28-30 to 50 phase brings aloofness in your way of experiencing life; the 50 till-the-end phase gives you the chance to shine as a role model. In the house analogy, it represents the roof.   

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Mind traits – Rave Psychology
Mind driving Color: Innocence
Orientational Tone: Acceptance
Binary: Observer/Observed
Perspective driving Color: Personal
Sense: Touch
Life Trajectory: Observer <-> Observed 
Question: Who?
Behaviour of the Self: The Role Model 
Role of the Self: The Administrator
Sexual role: The Soul Mate or not
Sexual strategy: The Peacemaker
Caring role: Wariness
Keywords: the sage – the innocent observer – transition – vision – the utopist – fluidity – objectivity – fixation – surrender – excess – yielding – the peacemaker – the admlnistrator – communion – gratitude – the role model – adaptability – metamorphosis – the optimist – humility – self-defense – gullibility – the bodhisattva – buddhahood – the recluse – wisdom – chaos – maturity – fusion – the gift horse – ignorance – authority – wariness – blaze of glory – confusion – enforcement – application – tranquillity – disassociation – common sense – rectification – justice – purpose – misunderstanding – the troubleshooter – decapitation – contagion – nurturing – breakthrough – aloofness – reconsideration – integrity – futility – self-fulfillment – attraction – leadership – separation – peacefulness – phasing – selectivity – selfishness – caution – utilization – carried away – the one-night stand – rigidity – appeal – self-discipline – nostalgia – victory 

Body traits – Primary Health System
Food Regimen Color: Light
Food Regimen orientational Tone: Direct/Indirect
Nature: The Watcher
Environment Color: Shores
Environment orientational Tone: Natural/Artificial

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