the BodyGraph: 9 Centers, 64 Gates, 36 Channels

HDS Centres

The Human Design System is an intelligently structured system, grounding it as a human science. The Science of your Uniqueness. Any human being is a highly evolved and complex energetic field, layered in multiple strata. The 9 Centers, 64 Gates and 36 Channels as designed in the so-called “BodyGraph” realise together a matrix; the matrix of any human being. It is the cartography of what is being activated, reliable and what is being left open, undefined, conditionable in your energetic system.

You can see the BodyGraph as an energetic network, within which energies produced in some factories – the Centers – are set to flow – The Gates – through pipelines – the Channels. When a Center, a Gate or a Channel is white, the energy is not being produced from within the system; it can only receive it from the outside.  

There are as many configurations as there are human beings; hence your uniqueness. What is colored on your HD Chart shows what you truly are on a permanent basis. These potentials are stable, reliable. The white parts are vulnerable aspects of your aura that mirror and amplify surrounding energies – punctually changing you into someone you are not.

HDS 9 Centers

the 9 Centers

Centers are energy hubs. Each one of them manages one area of your life: emotions, instinct, communication, thinking, pressure to do, pressure to reflect upon, ego, generating, loving. Each Center has a specific way in which they operate. When one is colored, it is defined; it emits its energy; when it is white, it is undefined; it receives energy from outside.

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There are 9 Centers: 4 are fuel-producers, 3 are awarenesses, 2 are connectors. Each energy hub ownes a number of Gates, some being colored red and/or black, others white. When colored/defined a Center radiates its energy out influencing white/open alike-centers around. Your influence onto others is mechanical, you being aware of it or not. Following the Strategy of your Type ensures your influencing is right!

White open Centers are playing a vital role, as they develop strategies to protect you from being vulnerable to outer pressures. Out of these, you are reacting with what you are not rather than acting upon what you truly are. A child’s personality tends to develop around those self-defense strategies; by the time it turns adult, these have become subconscious automatisms controlling its life.

The 9 Centers:

1. Root – motor – adrenaline, stress, 9 pressures to do. Self-defense mecanism: hurrying to get read of the pressure
2. Sacral – motor – life-force, sexual power, generative. Self-defense mecanism: not knowing when enough is enough
3. Splenic – awareness – instinct, immune system – Self-defense mecanism: holding on to what is not good/healthy 
4. Solar Plexus – motor & awareness – emotions, feelings, moods – Self-defense mecanism: avoiding confrontation and truth
5. Heart – motor – will-power, motivation, ego – Self-defense mecanism: proving one’s worthiness
6. G – connector – identity – love – direction – Self-defense mecanism: trying to identify itself to other’s identity and way of loving
7. Throat – connector – expression, communication, action – Self-defense mecanism: attracting attention
8. Ajna – awareness – conceptualization, thinking – Self-defense mecanism: pretending to be sure of what it knows
9. Head – connector – pressures to make sense, know and understand – Self-defense mecanism: lacking of concentration          

HDS 64 Gates

the 64 Gates

A Gate is a door belonging to a Center. There are 64 Gates, each relating to their corresponding Hexagram in the I-Ching system as well as to a specific codon of your 64-codons DNA. Gates are potentials, energies, intelligences, resources. Since a Gate is an electromagnetic field, there is always involved with it a deep attraction and repulsion mecanism.

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Out of the 64 activable Gates, only a maximum of 26 will be so. Look at your HD Chart, see if there are some Gates colored red and black; if so, your aura has less than 26 activated Gates. Nothing bad! It just shows that these potentials have been activated twice – sometimes, they may have received triple or quadruple imprints from various planets of our solar system. The cosmic program cannot activate all of the 64 Gates in your BodyGraph.

The black-colored Gates are your conscious resources; the red-colored ones, your unconscious energies. The former were being activated at your birth time; the later, 3 months before. Red and black Gates are combining into a unique configuration of potentials – your uniqueness – to create an energetic field with some defined Centers and some defined Channels realizing together a Type and its Strategy, a character Profile, one or more Inner Authorities, a Purpose of life… YOU! perfect and unique… ready to contribute the world with your talents and energies.

When activated – colored red and/or black – Gates are stable, reliable forces of your uniqueness. If a Gate is undefined – colored white – it is open; as such it mirrors what’s around; hence it is one of your vulnerability point; vulnerable to the corresponding energy when this later close to you hits it in. This is called “conditioning”.

HDS 36 Channels

the 36 Channels

Channels are linking the Centers; made of 2 Gates from 2 different Centers, they allow energy from Center A to flow to Center B, but only when each of the 2 Gates are activated. You can see in your HD Chart Channels fully black/red colored, others half colored or completely white. In a fully colored Channel, energies flow from the 2 Centers on each side of it.

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A fully colored Channel is named “Definition”. A red/black or red and black Definition is a transforming agent of your aura, as it defines the 2 Centers at each of its sides. You are permanently impacted by its presence when you see it in your natal HD Chart; you may also be conditioned by its punctual appearance when someone having it comes close to you. As long as the encounter lasts, your aura is transformed into another field.  

A Definition is also a life-force field that deeply influences you and the others around you which alike-Channel is undefined, open, white in their own aura. When colored red, you are unconscious of its influence, both on yourself and upon others – though they can feel its impact on them. This could explain why others perceive you so differently than you do. There is a huge difference between a fully and a half defined Channel: with the former, you feel self-sufficient; with the later one, that Gate activated is seaching for its completion, the potential on the other end of the Channel.

The 36 Channels are organized in Circuits and Circuitries. There are 3 Circuitries: Individual, Collective and Tribal. Their respective nature being very different from one another, knowing which Circuitry your(s) Definition(s) belong(s) to is highly valuable information; it determines your behavioral sensitivities.

The 3 Circuitries:

1. Individual:
11 Channels – each one of them is oriented towards empowerment, creativity and mutation through inspiration. Socializing is not their favorite activity! Acoustics plays an important role. They give birth to artists, musicians, poets. 
2. Collective:
a. understanding: 7 Channels – their main concern is to share their logical process. Sharing for the sake of sharing! Finding patterns, trying to understand them, judging them where they are imperfect, uncorrect and improving them for future generations: this is their role; visulas are here essential. They give birth to scientists, searchers ,tec-people, teachers, judges, lawyers. 
b. sensing: 7 Channels – their main concern is to share their sensorial process. Sharing for the sake of sharing! Experiencing and making sense of all human real-life. Knowing life to be transitory, they are jack-of-all-trades filling up their lives with as many sensations as possible. Their abstract process full of memories, they let their philosophical trend do the necessary macerating until it reaches the wisdom of maturity. They give birth to philosophers, historians, poets, writers.     
3. Tribal: 7 Channels – oriented towards supporting the family, the clan, the tribe. No one is as important as the tribe and every member must obey its rules: support us or be punished. Bargain is their way of relating: I help you – for free or for some money – but you will have to help me when I need you! They give birth to tribe or company leaders, ambitious managers in the Human Relationships Department as well as CEOs of small/big companies, entrepreneurs, educators.  

Integration Channels: 4 Channels – oriented towards self-empowerment, their only focus si to develop themselves first. They give birth to charismatic artists – designers, architects, etc.-  explorers and survivers of all kinds.   

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