the Self and the NotSelf

HDS Self / Not Self

Self and NotSelf are concepts relative to the correct use or not of your energetic vehicle. In other words, are you following the Strategy of your Type? When yes, all your potentials and resources are being functionning at the right time, at the right place, for the right purpose, with the correct intention in the best possible way; your thought, word and action plainly serve your life purpose, whatever your mind or others thinking tell you the contrary! If you do not obey the natural law of your aura, whatever you’re trying to achieve do not keep you on the right track of your incarnation and its mission.

Remember, you and only you on Earth can know what is best, healthy, evolutive for you. Obeying to your Strategy and listening to your Inner Authority are more than enough to guide you step by step on this path of your terrestrial journey. Never rely on others good advices when inside of you, your inner guide(s) tell you “don’t go for it!”. You are the master of your life; no one else.

HDS Self

the Self

The Self is what you truly are: Type & Strategy, character Profile, Inner Authority, 26 Potentials and Incarnation Cross functionning correctly. If you act with your Strategy and Inner Authority, all of these express what you really are here for. Your purpose of life unfolds itself without you having to bother about it or strain for it. When you shine out your own unique Self, you are that perfect being life created!

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No need for you trying to improve this or that in your existence – even though society is convincing you of the contrary… Created perfect right from the start of your existence, where is the place inside of your energetic field to be made better?… What utter illusion has it been for ages, to believe humans were perfectible! What an insult done to Life itself! Only ignorance is faulty; for generations, men and women have ignored the pure beauty of their form. How to drive a plane without the proper knowing?… 

When you are your true Self, not only do you serve your own purpose, but you contribute most to the best of Humanity. You re-enter your real and useful place, like an individual cell turning back healthy for the benefit of the whole body. Can you expect anything other than a full support from Life? Can there be any stronger force challenging that of Life Itself? Being truly your Self is like becoming the best friend of the boss! No fear anymore, no stress anymore, no need to prove anything anymore… Just a profound relaxation of all your nerves, muscles, heart, belly… a pure wave of joyful silence… the reality back of what you were in your first years of existence along with your maturity of now.

Life is so simple! It just asks you to trust Her. Have faith on that sophisticated and highly intelligent form you are incarnated in. Every moment it is guiding your steps, never failing. Are you willing to let loose of your illusionary desire to control and surrender to Life within you? Hear Its voice… it is speaking to you through your Strategy and Inner Authority.     

HDS Not Self

the NotSelf

The NotSelf controls your existence when you let family, social or cultural conditionings take over your Inner Authority. You can feel its subtle influence when you are being pressured by some inner or outer stress: competition, survival, anger, jealousy, pushing forces, wantings of all kinds, insatisfaction, anger, bitterness, desillusion. This is collective NotSelf at work inside of your mind and life; there is another one…

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You might also have developed an individual NotSelf, made of protection mecanisms against outer agressions. That was when you were still a child. These were illusions still polluting daily all of your Self. You can get read of them when you respect your Strategy and listen to your Inner Authority. Then, false beliefs that have been running your existence since so long draw back to their natural state: mere chimaeras! The whole NotSelf is just but a joke – a bad and sad joke… 

Human Design helps you freeing your Self. That is, all of what this energetic vehicle of yours is ever able to stand at the right place at the right moment. All of your aura meaning what on your BodyGraph is colored and white. These white parts are very sensitive to outer conditionings; they represent places where you can be hurted and wounded – whether that is your Solar Plexus and the emotions, your Splenic and its security needs, your ego and its thirst for some recognition… When you are being wounded, little are the chances that you be your Self; consequences are that you forget about the purpose of your life! You start reacting instead of acting.

Go for your Strategy! Pay attention to your Inner Authority! And let Life lead you to satisfaction, peace, success, with useful surprises as Its gifts to the dear child you are to Her. Soon, hurtings and woundings will stay outside of your energetic field, living you anchored in the sacred space of your shining Self while starring at your life’s purpose unfolding by itself. YOU are the miracle!

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