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Enliven your full potential

“never stop sculpturing your own Statue” Plotin


1 what is the Human Design System

HDS Bodygraph

Newcomer to the Human Design and wanting to find out what it consists of? In this short introduction, get to know more about this very new “Science of your differentiation”!


2  Origin of the Human Design System

HDS Origins

Where does this system come from? Born in the early 90s, it is rapidly growing aroud the world; join now the nearly 5 million people having enlivened their full potential!


3  the 6 pillars of the Human Design System

HDS 6 Pillars

What are the Type and Strategy of your being? What is the character of your Profile? Which out of 64 are your Potentials? What inner Authority guides your decision-making process? 


1 about humandesign4u.eu

HDS Biography

Who are we? Having some information about us is a necessary step to build up a trusting relationship. Indeed, it is a prerequisite to know more on the coach you’ll be calling services from, before using the HDS to transform your life 


2 certification and qualifications

HDS Credentials

There are millions of people now using the HDS. Thousands pretend being able to read a HD chart, but few amongst them have been properly trained. See our credentials and be assured we have thoroughly investigated into the HDS

Jovian Archive

3 the founder’s website

HDS Jovian Archive

Jovian Archive is the website of the late Ra Uru Hu, canadian-born founder of the Human Design System (HDS). It is recognized worldwide as the english-speaking authority and inspirational source of the HDS  

Products at humandesign4u.eu
the Human Design System

Book any one of the following Readings; our team will promptly contact you for getting your birth data, compulsary element in order to prepare your HD chart. Within a matter of a week, you will be receiving a mail with a link for a folder to download; in this folder, you will find the recording of the Reading and your personal HD charts.  

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