The Daily Weather Forecast

— your program to awakening!

The “Daily Weather Forecast” is not one more of these weather report or predictions of your future. It broadcasts daily the portrait of the most powerful force in our solar system: the solar energy that impacts your life, your moods, your thinking, your decisions, your professional life, your personal relationships.

Reading the daily description of the solar energy is one thing; being able to feel in the moment the subtle influence it produces right now is a true revelation and an outstanding tool for your individual awakening!

You will never ever see skies as a far-away, disconnected-from-your-life reality anymore; you will realize how intimately connected to the stellar forces you are! You will make the most direct and enlightening experience of you life; an experience that will transform your life.

Here is the way to get the best out of the “Daily Weather Forecast”:

1. get your Human Design Chart here
2. see which “Gate” and “Line” are activated on the “Daily Weather Forecast” picture of the day. Look on it for text: “We enter Gate .. Line . today
3. Check on your personal HD chart whether that Gate and Line are colored – black, red, black/red. If yes, you are already accustomed to this very same energy the Sun is sending out.
4. In case it is white, you are likely to be very sensitive to this specific Sun influx of the day. Such energy could impact you in your decision-making process as well as color your moods and thinking.


The Lines “When you’re Self” and “When you’re not Self” do not indicate what you should do. They bring to your understanding these solar forces influencing your judgment at this moment.

According to the Strategy of your Type, you decide how you make use of this solar influence:
– “When you’re Self” = if you follow your Strategy
– “When you’re not Self” = when you ignore your Strategy

On April 1st 2015, the active Line theme from noon on is “Powerlessness”. If you feel tired, constrained or “powerless”, you may realize that this is coming from the solar influx; it will last until the next Line theme comes – April, the 2nd at 2:00 am – bringing with it a new solar energy.

– “When you’re Self” = the available solar energy is: “Unless one follows one’s material path, the breaking of the ego by superiors.” Following the Natural Law of your Type – your Strategy to be correct – will ensure that it is correct for you not to go along the material path as long as this solar influx influences you.
– “When you’re not Self” = the available solar energy is: “Total withdrawal. A lack of will for the material path in order to protect the ego.” Ignoring your Strategy will lead you down to a track of cloistering you to protect yourself as long as this solar influx influences you.

You do have the choice, in following or not the Natural Law of your energetic vehicle, to be influenced by one or the other of these 2 active solar forces of the day.

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