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Find here all information you could be interested in to satisfy your curiosity about the Humand Design System and its spreading around the world. You will access to lots of videos mostly from the HDS founder – the late Ra Uru Hu – or worldwide statistics allowing you to know how many humans share with you the same Type, Profile, Incarnation Cross, etc. Should you prefer reading books and articles on HDS, you will find here all you need!

HDS Books


humandesign4u is pleased to provide you with information on litterature about the Human Design System. We selected for you books that are being created by certified professionals in Human Design. You will be able to purchase these books by going onto the authors’ websites.​

The Definitive Book of Human Design

The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell, Director of the International Human Design School, and Ra Uru Hu, Founder of The Human Design System, is a definitive collection of the knowledge in one volume. Based on Ra’s work, and with his approval and cooperation, this book is both a reference guide for Human Design students, professionals and enthusiasts, and a step-by step introduction for newcomers as they enter into their own experiment with these practical and life transforming tools.

The Human Design System is a precise map and user guide that gives us access to how we are each genetically and uniquely designed to engage with the world, and how our own inner guidance system for decision-making operates. Never before have we been able to see so clearly the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves, the true aspects that no one can take away from us, as well as the aspects of self that we have been taught or conditioned to believe are us, but are not.
The Human Design System is not a belief system. It is a concrete map to the nature of being, and a mapping of our genetic code that reveals the mechanics of our nature in such depth that it opens the door to the potential of self-love, a love of life and the love of others through true understanding and compassion.
Available for sale at Human Design Publishing, (505) 913-7139, or
Click here to download the Table of Contents.
444 pages, full color, for $49.95.

HDS Softwares


Jovian Archive, website of the HDS founder Ra Uru Hu, provides key softwares for getting promptly HD Charts, whether it be your own or that of a dear one, a friend, a colleague… Once you know your Type, Profile and activated Potentials, it is easy to refer to the resources pages of humandesign4u to get to fathom the depths of your energetic field, your human vehicle serving the unique purpose you incarnated as a soul…


calculating your HD Chart

This software calculates very quickly your HD Chart, once you have provide it with your birth data: date, time (as precise as possible), place. Download it for free!


your HDChart on smartphone

Don’t wait to enjoy discovering or deepening the secrets of your aura. Connect to Jovian Archive’s software page and read instructions.


Rave Time
the Design on your screen

Be informed each time a planet enters a new Gate or Line within the BodyGraph while it moves through the zodiac signs. Feel its energetic effects on you! Rave Time goes along with MMI versions.

HDS Statistics


Statistics are being compiled, for they provide valuable information relative to the true nature of Humanity. It is indeed worthwile to know which percentage there are of Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors in the world. As well, it is usefull to know how many Investigators, Heretics, Martyrs, etc. there are amongst us: 20%? 32%? How many humans share the same Purpose of life than you – your Incarnation Cross? In 100 years, the records of these statistics will help see the Great Plan Life unfolded birth after birth, day after day…


In the world

World statistics gathered from all over the world out of over 5 millions HD Charts computer-generated within the last 22 years.



Statistics having been collected at & since their creation – 2007 for the french version, 2014 for the english version.



Through these figures out of our database, discover the characteristics of the Type, Profile, Incarnation Cross you belong to.

HDS Videos


On this page, you will find video materials fully quenching your thirst for information!… They come mostly from the HDS founder, the late Ra Uru Hu. Here, you will get first-hand knowledge on the Human Design System itself, but also on main topics of any human being’s concerns.

Main theme

Introduction to HDS

An Introduction to HDS with Ra Uru Hu who was the messenger of the Human Design System. By today, millions of people around the world are benefiting from this Science of the Human Differentiation. Ra Uru Hu past away in March 2011

Encounter with the Voice

In this video, Ra Uru Hu tells about his extraordinary and life-changing experience with “the Voice” during eight days and nights in January 1987, at a ruina of Ibiza island. Out of that encounter, the Human Design System would birth few years later

The HD Chart

Here is an illustrated animation of how the Human Design System maps the Solar System to create a birth chart. Human energetic vehicles are being programmed out of the stellar and planetary influences. These are Life’s agents to configure your highly sophisticated limousine! These 13 agents serve the stellar program’s intention to set forth your incarnation purpose.

So simple!

“So simple, yet not easy” is a message from Ra Uru Hu, the messenger of the HDS. There is so much information in a Human Design chart that many people get lost in wanting to learn about Profile, Cross, Variable, PHS etc. It’s not about that. Yes, the information is beautiful and it all works, but Human Design is about experimenting with your Strategy and Inner Authority.

Miscellaneous Theme

HD mythology

Randy (JR) Richmond talks with John Martin, at the HD Unleashed Studios, about one of the big questions that he is asked often: what happened in 1781 that points to the transition from 7-centered to 9-centered human beings and that triggered the dawn of a new human specie to be born from 2027? Enjoy this journey into Randy’s special madness.

Ra talks to teens

Filmed Live in Ibiza, Ra introduced a group of teens to the Human Design System. Teenagers experience a lot of pressure which can make them very uncomfortable, because there are fundamental decisions to be made at this point – who is going to be your friend, who is going to be your lover, where are you going to go, what are you going to study…

Dilemmas of the Heart

In Dilemmas of the Heart, Ra Uru Hu talks about the serious impact in your existence of not living according to your Strategy and Inner Authority and how it can have serious effects on your heart-organ. He relates Human Design knowledge to heart issues and diseases.

The 4 aura Types

In this animated video Ra Uru Hu explains how The aura works depending on your Human Design Type. He also warns of the conditioning that can occur when living in a building with neighbors close around you. They may be in your aura while your asleep, which is not healthy.

The RaZen Serie

The Ra Zen series is a collection of short videos brought to you by Ra Uru Hu and Jovian Archive Media Inc. In each episode Ra focuses on a certain topic or subject related to the Human Design System. This is pure ‘infotainment’!

The Projectors

The Generators

The Manifestors

The Reflectors

Strategy & Authority

Being correct

Love & Acceptance

Awareness Frequency

Identity Crisis


Back to School



No Fault


Drugging Children



Behind Your Back




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