How is your HD Chart calculated

HDS How to calculate

The computer-calculation of your HD Chart determines which out of the 64 Gates in the BodyGraph – the human matrix – are being activated. and are acting as imprinting agents. The calculations determine the positions of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the planets, and the Moon’s Nodes – 13 stellar bodies. The colored Gates on your HD Chart graph the positions of each planet; up to 26 Gates can possibly be activated.The 38 others will stay undefined and vulnerable to outer conditionings.    

Two different dates are used in a Human Design calculation. There is a birth or natal calculation and a pre-natal calculation: the former determines your Personality; the later, your Design – your cellular intelligence. The imprinting through planets is something the Human Design System has in common with astrology. The double imprinting is new information though. In HDS, there are no houses, no ascendant, no planetary aspects as in astrology.

The two calculations – Design and Personality – are being juxtaposed to build up the whole BodyGraph of your energetic human vehicle. Thus, the BodyGraph is the cartography of your aura. Remember, a map is never the territory! Its role is to help finding your way through; in other words, it provides you with the understanding of what you truly are and what you do not need to become. Such understanding leads your mind to release its grip on your life; once your mind accepts and lets loose, peace, freedom and the loving of yourself can surface.    

HDS How to calculate design

the Design calculation

The pre-natal calculation is your biogenetic inheritance; what your inherited from your mother and father as themes. However, most of what you have inherited is from your grandparents. The Design planetary imprint is done 90 days before your actual birth. It is unconscious information and reveals the basis upon which your unsconscious works.

HDS How to calculate personality

the Personality calculation

The planetary positions at your birth program your Personality. Natal activations are colored black. They together shape out what you are conscious of being, what you think you can control. Can you really control these 13 codons of your DNA, even if aware of their acting? For, these 13 colored-black Gates are activated codons of your DNA.

The 4 Types and Strategies

HDS 4 Types

The Human Design System is an intelligently structured system, grounding it as a human science. The Science of your Uniqueness. Any human being is a highly evolved and complex energetic field, layered in multiple strata.

Type is the most important aspect in Huiman Design. If you know your Type, you can start the process of your differentiation, of your uniqueness. That is, finding your own nature and thus having the tool to accept yourself and recognize your values. Living your Type is the release of who you truly are. It is like a user’s manual that allows you to live who you were born to be.

You only need to know your Type and if you allow its rules, you can be healthy; life unfolds for you. All you need to do is to experiment with the pattern and the Strategy of your Type. Experimentation is something that relieves you from trusting in something. You test it for yourself and you find out whether it’s valid. provides you with a service on its website where you can get freely your personal Design, with Type and Strategy.  

HDS Manifestor

the Manifestor: I impact

Aura: closed and repelling
Its impacting power on society is deep and strong. Wherever it moves in, it cannot but influence people around. At the same time, it is very sensitive to outer influences and often interprets them as unacceptable attempts to its private space; hence, its natural tendency to repell whoever tries to get in. They feel alone, thinking that they don’t need others and are not needed by them.

HDS Generator

the Generator: I vibrate

Aura: open and envelopping
Generators (and Manifesting-Generators, an under-type of the Generator) have their Sacral Center defined. Sacral human energy is that very same essence we find in nature, generating and nurturing life in the whole universe – what we know as the force of evolution. “Porous” would be a correct word to describe the texture of that aura type.

HDS Projector

the Projector: I recognize

Aura: focused and absorbing
This energetic field probes deep into others, for it is so interested to understand them! While it is focusing on the other, it has no way to be aware of the absorbing mecanism of the other’s energies, causing the Projector to awake few years later with the question: “where is that I which I was before living with my partner?” This aura Type has a natural talent for recognizing.

HDS Reflector

the Reflector: I sample

Aura: resilient and sampling
It is like a mirror that reflects all energies around it. Whoever comes near that energetic field gets the impression to see themselves, to be amplified. That aura gives the others the sensation they are deeply understood by a friend that can help them becoming aware of who they truly are, what moods and thoughts are in their own mind. This aura is a witness of its time.

What do I do now that I have my HD Chart?

The first information you will need after getting your HD Chart from will be located under the following names:

1. Type
2. Profile
3. Inner Authority
4. Strategy
5. Incarnation Cross

Browse on tabs for some first details on your nature, character, inner guidance, natural law and purpose in life. Obviously booking a Reading will be of a great help to profoundly understand what you are, what you are not – and do not need to become! More also on your talents and potentials and how to use daily your behavioural strategy – the natural law of your aura. 

The 6 character Profiles

HDS 6 profiles

What would humans be without their character?… colorless, tasteless?… Indeed, characters bring in specific features out. In the Human Design System, they are one very important composite of an individual’s uniqueness. They are known as Profiles, as the 2 main parts of each being – the conscious Personality and the unconscious Design – are both combined, each endowed with a permanent psychological color.

According to Human Design, there are 6 main Profiles. Each could be seen as one floor of a house: Profile 1 being the ground floor and Profile 6, the roof. Evolution follows a constant path starting from the building of foundations, growing up to the mastery, to find out in the last stage the vision to mutate and develop into the next cycle beginning with step 1 again. Life unfolds itself within a pattern of endless spirals.

When looking at a HD Chart, Profile information is being given as 1/3, 2/4, etc. The first number tells about which Profile colors the conscious Personality; the second number, the unconscious Design. Look to your own chart, see which figures are mentioned; then, read below a short résumé of your personal Profile.

HDS Investigator

the Investigator: I study

With an Investigator character, you can’t but study! How to go to action without first being sure of knowing all about the matter? Foundations must be set. This mind of yours, shy and introverted so long as it feels intellectually unsecure when not knowing from A to Z, becomes authoritarian when having reached its point of sureness. Students and teachers are best equipped with such a character. In the house analogy, it represents the ground floor.

HDS Hermit

the Hermit: I wait for the call

As a Hermit character, you like what is natural – clothings, manners, make-up, etc. When others project on you to find solutions to their problems, you are surprised and embarrassed; for you ignore your own talents. Shy and introverted, you do not like to be disturb when absorbed in some interesting thing. Though, you need being called for you to get out of your hermitage, with hope as driving force! In the house analogy, it is the first floor.

HDS Martyr

the Martyr: I make trials and errors

Are you aware of your often complaining trait of character? no?… ask around! You have a deep attunement with the essence of life in matter; hence you’re anarchist rebelling to dysharmonious behaviours or organizings. Your knowing comes out of trials and errors, bonds made and broken. Your role is to test to make sure it works the way they say – or not! The keywords for you are: discovering, adaptation, fluidity. In the house analogy, it represents the staircase between ground floor and first floor.

HDS Oppurtunist

the Opportunist: I externalyze my convictions

Communication, networking, friendships… here are your opportunities! You have such a talent spotting the chances out there for you; the occasions to increase your influence through the spreading out of your strong convictions – that at times give you an aura of being somewhat rigid. Brotherhood is no empty word for you; it nourrishes your sense of socializing and your gentleness – that at times of wounds may turn to meanness! In the house analogy, this represents the ground of the second floor.

HDS Heretic

the Heretic: I universalize my solutions

Your character of an Heretic often sets you on the fringe of society, for you can’t believe in what doesn’t work. Being a pragmatist, you find concret solutions to others problems; hence, are you projected upon as the saviour, providing universal ways out. This talent can lead you to some paranoism, as you see wantings in the eyes of others looking at you! not surprising: a profound seduction poors out of your own eyes… “but, what do they want from me?” are you wondering. In the house analogy, it represents the second floor.

HDS Role Model

the Role Model: I envision the new

You are a visionary. As your character is deeply connected to mutations, boundaries and limits are for you no dead-ends; they point to a possible reality beyond them. Genuinely optimistic, with idealistic breakthroughs, your conscious Personnality or unconscious Design evolve within 3 main periods during your existence: the 0 to 28-30 phase follows the Martyr path; the 28-30 to 50 phase brings aloofness in your way of experiencing life; the 50 till-the-end phase gives you the chance to shine as a role model. In the house analogy, it represents the roof.

The 5 Inner Authorities

HDS 5 Inner Authorities

Decision-making… what a process, sometimes! How to be sure this is right or wrong for me? How many times haven’t you wavered between this and that, wanting so much the way would clearly be shown? Such a pain – a mental stress – that often we choose the first advise been given by a friend, just to get our mind released from that stressful indecisiveness.   

Any human being is a highly evolved and complex energetic field, layered in multiple strata. Unfortunately, no one gave us the manual when we were born… Not our parents’ and forefathers’ fault, for they too did not get it! How can people fly jets without knowing all about their plane? Crashes are unevitable! Unless you get your flying licence; that is, you learn about your own vehicle and the ressources it already hosts.

Human Design tells you that you do not need any one to show you the way; your vehicle is fully equipped with the fine GPS to direct you properly, have you be at the right place at the right time. This fine GPS already inside of you is called “Inner Authority”. It is responsible to orientate your vehicle into the special and unique geometry according to the purpose Life selected for it.

Five Centers – energy hubs – inside your aura can pretend assuming the Inner Authority guiding your decision-making process. The prerequisite is that they have to be functional – defined and colored on your HD Chart. Once there is one – or more – of the Centers below activated, you are self-sufficient in your decision-making process. No one else than your Inner Authority knows best what is for you good or bad, true or false, healthy or unhealthy. Accepting to trust it is taking back your individual power to follow your unique path! 

HDS Emotional Authority

the emotional Authority:
my feelings decide

The most powerful Inner Authority there is!… emotions, feelings, moods… very powerful and always changing, never reliable as they follow an up and down wave of hope and pain. There is no truth in the now for emotionally defined individuals: waiting for the morrow and letting the night pass by is so essential in their case, especially when they have to meet big decisions. Emotional Authority takes over all the other 4 when it is activated in your Design. It is never 100% clear, and can never fully satisfy your mind, as this later searches for the absolute certainty; most of the time, emotional clarity comes at the time the wave reaches its starting point again.

your sacral inner authority (guts feelings)

the sacral Authority:
my guts decide

Your inner guidance comes from your sacral voice, these sensorial sensations of “mmm” and “nnn”. Your sacral intellignece always and doubtlessly knows what will feed it or not – hence the pleasant or unpleasant sensations inside your guts feelings. The sacral energy is at its best when it is given the chance to respond; the surest way to get it to respond is to have you being asked as precise questions as possible. Then feel inside the nature of response you get… mmm? or nnn? There is the direction for you to trust! There lies the way to your uniqueness! Paying attention to your sacral results in being at the right place and time, properly vehiculating yourself in the geometry of your life’s purpose.

your splenic instinctive inner authority

the splenic Authority:
my instinct decides

As a splenic being, you are instinctive; you feel what to do here and now. Instinct is an intelligence that is instanteneous and absolute. It tells you… but never repeats; don’t ask it again! What it says is right… for now; don’t follow it if you do not act right away. The proper use of your splenic Authority requires that you never wait after it delivered its guidance. Splenic people tend often to wait for the last minute to act, as their instinct cannot decide before action must take place. It is so hard for them to function correctly in a society that pressures these beings to decide way before the occurence… Are you splenic? tell people that your surest answer will come at the time the thing has to be done; before, your word could be retrieved

HDS Will powe authority

the will-power Authority:
my motivation decides

With your Ego-Center defined, you are a will-powered being. Motivation is your driving motor, leading you to action when you feel its fuel, causing you to stay in bed when motiveless. Will-power is a highly appreciated energy in our societies: self-made men and women are praised and honored. So many try hard reaching this social goal and get burned-out in the process! Ego energy is tricky, as it appeals to forces like competition, selfishness, control, power, duality, becoming at all costs the first one… Listening to your body needs for balance between rest and activity is a must, since the Ego-Center deals with the organs of the heart, the stomac, the gall-bladder and the thymus gland controlling the T-cells in your body.

HDS Identy Authority

the identity Authority:
my heart decides

It is out of your defined G-Center that comes the sense of “who I am”, “what is Love”, “what is my role, my place”. It connects you to the sense of well-being which can guide you in times of decision-making. In other words and in the absence of one of the other 4 Authorities, do what your heart feels well with. When your heart do not feel well with someone or something, it is telling you there is an energy around that doesn’t want you any good. Never decide out of a person’s advice that you do not feel well with! Instead, sit at a place where your heart is “at home”; then, launch your decision-making process. Pay good care to the sensations coming from your G-Center; the feelings out of it are not alike emotions. G-Center Love is all unconditional – nothing in common with solar plexus feelings and emotions like passion, rage, jealousy, anger etc.

the BodyGraph: 9 Centers, 64 Gates, 36 Channels

HDS Centres

The Human Design System is an intelligently structured system, grounding it as a human science. The Science of your Uniqueness. Any human being is a highly evolved and complex energetic field, layered in multiple strata. The 9 Centers, 64 Gates and 36 Channels as designed in the so-called “BodyGraph” realise together a matrix; the matrix of any human being. It is the cartography of what is being activated, reliable and what is being left open, undefined, conditionable in your energetic system.

You can see the BodyGraph as an energetic network, within which energies produced in some factories – the Centers – are set to flow – The Gates – through pipelines – the Channels. When a Center, a Gate or a Channel is white, the energy is not being produced from within the system; it can only receive it from the outside.  

There are as many configurations as there are human beings; hence your uniqueness. What is colored on your HD Chart shows what you truly are on a permanent basis. These potentials are stable, reliable. The white parts are vulnerable aspects of your aura that mirror and amplify surrounding energies – punctually changing you into someone you are not.

HDS 9 Centers

the 9 Centers

Centers are energy hubs. Each one of them manages one area of your life: emotions, instinct, communication, thinking, pressure to do, pressure to reflect upon, ego, generating, loving. Each Center has a specific way in which they operate. When one is colored, it is defined; it emits its energy; when it is white, it is undefined; it receives energy from outside.

HDS 64 Gates

the 64 Gates

A Gate is a door belonging to a Center. There are 64 Gates, each relating to their corresponding Hexagram in the I-Ching system as well as to a specific codon of your 64-codons DNA. Gates are potentials, energies, intelligences, resources. Since a Gate is an electromagnetic field, there is always involved with it a deep attraction and repulsion mecanism.

HDS 36 Channels

the 36 Channels

Channels are linking the Centers; made of 2 Gates from 2 different Centers, they allow energy from Center A to flow to Center B, but only when each of the 2 Gates are activated. You can see in your HD Chart Channels fully black/red colored, others half colored or completely white. In a fully colored Channel, energies flow from the 2 Centers on each side of it.

the Self and the NotSelf

HDS Self / Not Self

Self and NotSelf are concepts relative to the correct use or not of your energetic vehicle. In other words, are you following the Strategy of your Type? When yes, all your potentials and resources are being functionning at the right time, at the right place, for the right purpose, with the correct intention in the best possible way; your thought, word and action plainly serve your life purpose, whatever your mind or others thinking tell you the contrary! If you do not obey the natural law of your aura, whatever you’re trying to achieve do not keep you on the right track of your incarnation and its mission.

Remember, you and only you on Earth can know what is best, healthy, evolutive for you. Obeying to your Strategy and listening to your Inner Authority are more than enough to guide you step by step on this path of your terrestrial journey. Never rely on others good advices when inside of you, your inner guide(s) tell you “don’t go for it!”. You are the master of your life; no one else.

HDS Self

the Self

The Self is what you truly are: Type & Strategy, character Profile, Inner Authority, 26 Potentials and Incarnation Cross functionning correctly. If you act with your Strategy and Inner Authority, all of these express what you really are here for. Your purpose of life unfolds itself without you having to bother about it or strain for it. When you shine out your own unique Self, you are that perfect being life created!

HDS Not Self

the NotSelf

The NotSelf controls your existence when you let family, social or cultural conditionings take over your Inner Authority. You can feel its subtle influence when you are being pressured by some inner or outer stress: competition, survival, anger, jealousy, pushing forces, wantings of all kinds, insatisfaction, anger, bitterness, desillusion. This is collective NotSelf at work inside of your mind and life; there is another one…

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