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Find here all information you could be interested in to satisfy your curiosity about the Humand Design System and its spreading around the world. You will access to lots of videos mostly from the HDS founder – the late Ra Uru Hu – or worldwide statistics allowing you to know how many humans share with you the same Type, Profile, Incarnation Cross, etc. Should you prefer reading books and articles on HDS, you will find here all you need!

HDS Books


humandesign4u is pleased to provide you with information on litterature about the Human Design System. We selected for you books that are being created by certified professionals in Human Design. You will be able to purchase these books by going onto the authors’ websites.

HDS Videos


On this page, you will find video materials fully quenching your thirst for information!… They come mostly from the HDS founder, the late Ra Uru Hu. Here, you will get first-hand knowledge on the Human Design System itself, but also on main topics of any human being’s concerns.

HDS Softwares


Jovian Archive, website of the HDS founder Ra Uru Hu, provides key softwares for getting promptly HD Charts, whether it be your own or that of a dear one, a friend, a colleague… Once you know your Type, Profile and activated Potentials, it is easy to refer to the resources pages of humandesign4u to get to fathom the depths of your energetic field, your human vehicle serving the unique purpose you incarnated as a soul…

HDS Statistics


Statistics are being compiled, for they provide valuable information relative to the true nature of Humanity. It is indeed worthwile to know which percentage there are of Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors in the world. As well, it is usefull to know how many Investigators, Heretics, Martyrs, etc. there are amongst us: 20%? 32%? How many humans share the same Purpose of life than you – your Incarnation Cross? In 100 years, the records of these statistics will help see the Great Plan Life unfolded birth after birth, day after day…

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