Overview: 7-in-1

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HDS Overview
  • global survey out of a dense version of 7 key-readings
  • English language
  • Duration: 90′ to 120′;
  • Image and tone provided
  • Sent per email


What will you get from this “Overview 7-in-1” Reading
This “squeezed-dried” analysis will provide you with condensed information on the main aspects of your HD Chart. You will know about:
1. Self: your Type/Strategy – Profiles – Inner Authority – Potentials
2. NotSelf: protection mechanisms set early in your childhood to avoid being hurt from adults detrimental behaviours
3. Incarnation Cross: purpose of your life, your mission on this Earth
4. Food Regimen & Environment: the keys to feed in well your human form; how to realign your physiology back to its correct functioning and so, stop physical mysfunctions
5. Perspective & Conceptualization: unique is your viewpoint and thought on reality; how to see when they’re mislead, distracted and transfered leading you to pains and suffurings?