Rave’s ABC online Course

SKU: hd16
  • Online classes
  • English language
  • Duration: 12 sessions x 60′
  • Image and tone provided
  • Sent per email


What will you get from this Rave’s ABC online Course
1. a beginning capacity to move yourself inside the BodyGraph
2. a vision of the energetic human structure – made of 2 separate parts, independant but influencing each other
3. a sense of a highly intelligently organized matrix, with groups of channels and sets of groups…
4. an introductory dive into the fascinating I-Ching world
5. a solid foundation in the knowledge of Human Design

The “Rave’s ABC online Course” brings you much comfort in terms of control in the rythm of studying. After ordering this course, you will receive a folder with the recordings of the lessons as separate files; hence, you will be able to follow each step one by one at times you wish to study.

This “Rave’s ABC online Course” reveals key mechanisms of any human matrix: how it is organized and structured so it can operate based on the same platform for all, but at the same time way due to a unique layout; that layout is the fondamental individual blueprint which will run a person’s life throughout their whole existence.

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