Living Your Design self-study Course


  • Home classes
  • English language
  • Duration: 9 sessions x 60′
  • Image and tone provided
  • Sent per email
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  • home classes
  • english language
  • Duration: 9 sessions x 60′
  • Image and tone provided
  • sent per email

What will you get from this LYD Course
1. a deeper understanding of your own Type and Strategy
2. a view on the basics of HDS 
3. a clearer comprehension of what are the 9 Centers (energy hubs inside your aura)
4. a precise picture of each Center’s functioning when open, undefined and serving the Not Self collective and personal mind
5. a deepening of the relationship between you – as soul, pure awereness – and your terrestrial human form 

This “Living Your Design self-study Course” brings you much comfort in terms of control in the rythm of studying. After ordering this course, you will receive a folder with the recordings of the lessons as separate files; hence, you will be able to follow each step one by one at times you wish to study.

This course empowers you to live your own true nature. It helps you to realize what is correct and serves your Uniqueness; it gives you keys to cope with what you are not – what you do not need to become. You can make use of this new transforming knowledge to understand what takes you off track on your journey.

Users of PC-Windows computers: Should you use a Windows-based computer, you will have no problem in reading our recording of your Analysis, thanks to the e-Lecta player. You will find it within the folder sent to you by humandesign4u.

Users of Apple-Mac computers: If your Mac is older than 3-4 years, it is likely that it will have difficulty reading the e-Lecta file of your recording. You may decide to call for our transcode services. An extra fees of 20 € will be charged for adapting to a .mov file the recording of your Reading. The extra fees will be automatically added to your cart. Note : You will find here all help you need to download and install on your Mac the Java Platform allowing you to read “e-lecta” format files on your Mac computer. Spare transcode fees!…

Users of PC-Linux computers: Your Reading is recorded with the “e-Lecta” software; your Linux computer is not able to read “e-Lecta” (.el) files. A transcode service is necessary. By clicking on the button below, you will order the transcode procedure, for which an extra fees of 20 € will be automatically added to your cart.


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