Professional Training Level 3 (PTL3) online Course

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HDS Professional Training Level 3
  • Online classes
  • English language
  • Duration: 60’/week during 1 semester
  • Image and tone provided
  • Sent per email


What will you get from this Professional Training Level 3 (PTL3) online Course
At the end of PTL3 Course, you will be fluent in:
1. Decoding the information on any individual’s Incarnation Cross Chart
2. Telling your clients about their main Incarnation Quarter
3. Relating their character Profile and Incarnation Cross
4. Reasserting in their mind the vital importance of Strategy and Inner Authority
5. Boosting individual lives, as your client regain hope and clarity

Please note:
Prerequisites are set before you may charge for your newly acquired skills with this “Professional Training Level 3 (PTL3) online Course”:
1. Having completed the PTL program
2. Having successfully passed the final certification exam
3. Having 3.5 years of life in Human Design (it starts at your Overview or Foundation Reading)

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