Rave Psychology: freeing my mind

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HDS Rave Psychologie
  • Out of 6 perspectives and 6 motivations, which are yours
  • English language
  • Duration: 4 x around 90′
  • Image and tone provided
  • Sent per email


What will you get from this Rave Psychology: freeing my mind Reading
This “Rave Psychology: freeing my mind” will provide you with a detailed information on the entangling mecanisms born out of the collective and individual NotSelf mind, so that your true mind can remember its pure origin. You will know in detail about:
1. what is the way your conscious Personality is designed to perceive the world?There are 6 various perception systems in the human matrix; yours is specific and programmed to capture outer signals in a unique manner. But what happens to you, when your Perspective is being distrated due to your NotSelf mind at work?…
2. what is the motivation underneath your entire thinking process ,that drives it to deliver unique concepts, ideas, opinions? When it shifts and transfers to what it is not designed to be, what kind of curse narrows down on you and on your uniqueness?
3. is your mental Conceptualization set to be working strategic or receptive? is your conscious Perpective programmed to be focalized or peripheral?
4. the consequences of living a NotSelf-based life on your purpose of life
5. the realization of your Self, brought through proper understanding of the brilliant driver already in that energetic vehicle you’re trying to control, thinking its yours – instead of letting its natural intelligence drive it for you

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